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March 13, 2009

Beginning next week, we will start working on activities to test potential partnerships for the final project. In the first round, you can choose your partner. The assignment will be to complete  a large volume (lots of stuff) to see if you can finish what you need to together. If you pass this test, you can stay together.

If you do not complete the entire “Partner Test Assignment,” your partnership will be dissolved and I will assign you to a different partner. If you and your partner complete the assignment, completely and on time, then you stay together.

We will have another “Partner Test Negotiations” assignment, with the same rules. Again, successful completion means the partners stay together.

The final test will be your project proposal. If you and your partner submit a proper proposal, you will stay together through the entire project which extends until the end of the year.

If you do not succeed with any of your partners, you will work in a group on daily assignments focused on teaching the social and business skills you need to develop.

Throughout this process, you will have a chance to enter your work in competitions against all of my BCIS and Computer Applications students. Winners will receive a prize and a letter of recognition for their final portfolio. Each letter of recognition will give you a 10% cushion on your final exam.

Be prepared: over the next few weeks you will need to purchase some supplies for this project. You will NOT be able to print any part of this project on my printer so start planning to use someone’s printer or find somewhere you can afford to have them printed (like a copy shop). Some of the documents will require a color print.