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Vector Raster Quiz

February 17, 2009

Your six weeks quiz is posted in the shared drive.

It is due at the end of class on Wednesday, February 18th.

The quiz is here: S:\shared\students\Bjerke\CApps\RasterVector Feb 18

If you open “My Computer,” and paste the path above, you will see a file that opens with Firefox. That’s it!


Autumn Semester Exam

December 11, 2008


Your semester exam has two parts.

The first part is the test. The test is located on the “S” drive, in my folder, in the CApps folder, in a folder named Autumn Exam or “S:\shared\students\Bjerke\CApps\Autumn Exam.” When you finish the exam and click the “Grade and Submit” button, the results will be emailed to me automatically. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT IF YOUR FULL NAME IS NOT ON THE EXAM. Please also include the period after your name, in the same field.

The other half of your exam is a two paragraph reflection on what you have learned. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY:

Step 1: Usiing MLA fomat, write two paragraphs about insight that you have had during this semester. Do write about something that you learned that you discovered after learning the facts you have learned in class. Do not write about the facts you have learned in class like definitions, and how a computer works. Here is an example of two sentences:

FACTUAL: This semester I learned that a hard disk drive uses an Iron coating on an aluminum platter to record information with a magnet.

INSIGHTFUL: This semester I learned that Pirates have driven the development of technology, software and law by pushing the boundaries of what is considered legal and acceptable.

If you still have trouble figuring out what insight is, use Google to look up definitions for the word insight or insightful. Just type “define:insight” in the Google search box next to the address bar in your browser.

Step 2: Attach your document to an email and send it to me. My email address is misterbjerke [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to include a subject line or you will fail your exam.

Both parts are due by the end of your scheduled exam period, but can be submitted earlier. Zero hour has a special deadline – speak with me to find out your deadline. No late exams or retakes will be accepted. If you take the test portion more than once, I will select the lowest grade you submit.

This exam will be graded Pass/Fail.

Wednesday Review

December 10, 2008

Write 20 statements from your notes from yesterday’s discussion in your blog.

If you were absent you will have to use a classmate’s notes.

This is due by the end of class today.

Email -Kwizzzzzzzzz

November 24, 2008

From our discussion last week, in your blog, answer the following questions. Your answer should be one word (should or shouldn’t) and a sentence explaining your answer.

  1. You should/shouldn’t always have a subject line, so the recipient knows what the email is about before they open it.
  2. You should/shouldn’t leave all of the email addresses in the body of the email when you forward an email.
  3. You should/shouldn’t always reply to everyone who received the same email.
  4. You should/shouldn’t use the “cc” field to send a copy to someone who doesn’t need to respond to your email.
  5. You should/shouldn’t reply to all when your email address is in the “bcc” field of an email you receive.
  6. You should/shouldn’t always include your email address and name in body of the email.
  7. You should/shouldn’t send an email to everyone in your address book.
  8. You should/shouldn’t send an email and expect supernatural things to happen because you sent it to many, many people.
  9. You should/shouldn’t send emails with 30 pictures of cute puppies to everyone in your address book, or everyone at your workplace.
  10. You should/shouldn’t protect other people’s privacy by using the “bcc” field.

This is due at the end of class today.

Computers (History)

September 18, 2008

In addition to telling who/what the terms on the board are, you should answer these questions in your blog.

Name and explain three cultural influences that spurred the development of computers.

What kind of user interface did early computers (before the CRT) use?

Today, most computers use what interface to give the user information?

Due at the end of class Friday, September 19th.


Why You?!?

September 16, 2008

A comet is headed towards earth. In two weeks it will hit and end all life on the earth. The only chance to escape is to become one of the chosen people who get to escape in a spaceship. Only 10,000 people can ride on the ship. You want to be on this ship!!! Each person is selected individually, so you have to speak for yourself and only yourself.

Why should you be on the ship? What perspective do you bring? What skills do you bring? Who do you need to bring with you? How will you help the 10,000? What is your background?

You need to include at least one appropriate picture of you.

The slideshow needs to be at least 8 slides of information, and a title slide.

Remember, the used car salesmen on TV sounds desperate because they are trying TOO hard to SELL their cars which are less valuable than new cars. Don’t over sell it, but tell us about you and why are such a great person!

Use Microsoft Powerpoint to create a slideshow telling the official spaceship selection committee why you should go.

This project is due at the end of class on Friday, September 19th, 2008. You need to attach the slideshow to an email and send it to me.

THIS WILL COUNT AS A TEST GRADE for the second three of the first six weeks.

Next week, we will learn about the features and tools in Powerpoint and Word, after you have tried to use them yourself.

Quiz Friday 9/5/08

September 4, 2008

Today you will receive a quiz grade when I visit your desk to verify that you have:

1. sent an email to me with your blog address

2. created two blog entries

3. set your browser (Firefox) to open three tabs to your blog, my blog and your email

This quiz is pass or fail. You will have the first 40 minutes of class to be sure you are ready, if you need extra time.

When you are ready for the quiz and after I check your work, please read posts on about new technologies that could help the environment, and choose one to write about. What do you think is new or different about the technology you chose? If everyone who could use it did use it, how would it affect the environment? This is due at the end of class today.

Your Cell Phone, Computer and Hybrid Car

March 31, 2008

How is the technology we use tied to human rights, poverty, political unrest and the environment?

Inside every device you use that plugs into the wall, there are electronics. Circuit boards, batteries and wire all contain metal that is mined in various parts of the world. Sometimes the mining of these metals damages protected habitat, sometimes it destroys entire eco-systems, sometimes it involves low wage labor, sometimes it involves the appropriation and pillaging of entire countries. In most cases it involves all of these things.

Consider your life now, and imagine living on a few cents a day in Africa, working twelve hours a day and taking huge risks (many miners day every day in many mines). Do you want to contribute to this? Do you already?

So many of the results of the production of our technology are irreversible. When a species is extinct, it is gone forever. When a miner dies, his family starves. When ecosystems are destroyed, they cannot be rebuilt.

If you are buying electronics, then you are contributing to an industry that has no standards for determining how the materials were produced. What can you do to reduce the impact? What can you do to draw attention to these negative impacts.

Read more here, here and here.

If you want to propose a project that teaches you and others about these issues, you might be able to do this project instead of the final exam.

Final Exam Option

March 25, 2008

If you create a video or animation that is played on air during Thunderboom TV, you have passed your final exam.

If it is a video, you can work in a group.

If it is an animation, you need to work alone unless you can provide thorough documentation of each member’s contribution.

Your production is subject to my approval and the show’s producers and adviser.

This product must be something that you START working on after today.

You need to check this post regularly for changes.

Apply Your Skills – UPDATED – DUE April 17th

March 17, 2008

For your Fifth Six Weeks exam, you need to apply your skills from Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.

You need to make up a product (anything school-appropriate) and create an ad for your product. Your ad should fit on one single 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of paper, and must be in CMYK.

You must also include a Word document with a minimum five sentence description of what you did and what you learned in MLA format, and three relevant TEKs (number and text).

The best three products from each class will receive 10 points credit towards the Final Exam in May.

Email your finished product (both documents) before the end of class on April 17th.