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Select a Topic

March 11, 2010

Today you will select a topic to work with for the next few weeks. The topic has to be computer related. It can be about anything, as long as it is computer related. Your topic could be laptop computers, netbooks, game consoles, e-readers, cell phones, GPS navigation units, tablet PCs, televisions, blu-ray, digital cameras, software or games.

Find three articles on Wikipedia, and seven other articles about your topic. Post a description of each with a link, and at least twelve pictures in a blog post in your blog.

Some websites for good sources:



Simple Wikipedia

Britannica Online

Make sure your pictures are high resolution. Choose Medium or Large on the left column before you choose your pictures. Be sure to get your pictures from the actual website, not from Google Images (click on the pic).

This assignment is due by the end of class today, Thursday, 3/11.



March 8, 2010

Lots of times you hear things on the internet and you wonder, “Is it true?”

Like this one.

If you want to find out if a rumor or story or email is true, check it on

In your blog list 5 stories from Snopes that you think sound like they could be true, but are NOT.

Also list 5 stories that are not true that should be OBVIOUS to anybody with a brain.

This assignment is due at the end of class, today, Monday, March 8.

Search Engine

February 18, 2010

Google is a search engine.

1. Find as many other search engines as you can.

2. Pick a search term, like “iPad.” Use each search engine to search for your term.

3. Post the name of the search engine as a link (like this: and a one sentence description of the results you get to your blog.

Due today.


April 7, 2009

Create a summary of your topic.

Format the page in MLA format.

The summary should include:
Two sentences introducing your topic
Ten bullets with details about your topic – include 5 that describe the problem and 5 that describe the solution
If you complete the paper and create a Powerpoint presentation for it by the end of class TODAY, you will receive a 100 for this six weeks if you are already passing. If you were not passing at progress reports, you will raise your grade to passing if you complete both parts today.

If you do NOT complete the Powerpoint today, you will  not be penalized. All that is due today is the paper. You can hand send me the presentation tomorrow and still receive full credit.

Are You Ready?

March 26, 2009

Use this checklist to see if your first assignment is ready to be graded tomorrow.

  1. partner names both listed on the top of the paper
  2. title
  3. introductory paragraph that tells what three topics you will discuss
  4. three short descriptions of each topic
  5. description of how each of the three topics will be changed by Obama’s policies or legislation
  6. your list of sources in MLA format

This work will be checked Friday during class. You must have all of the information on one single document.

An MLA bibliography looks like this for each item:

Bezlova, Antoaneta. “China to Formalize One-Child Policy.” Asia Times Online.
24 May 2001. 10 Oct. 2005 <;.

An MLA paper looks like this:


First Partner Test

March 23, 2009

New Technology and the new New Deal.

Work with the partner of your choice. You must have a partner – and only one.

Locate the policies stated by the Obama administration, and legislation since his inauguration relevant to technology.

List all of your sources using MLA format.

Pick three topics – specific technology objects from wind turbines to low VOC paint – and summarize how the policies, intentions and legislation will affect each product.

Your final product should be a paper with a brief introductory paragraph, a description of each product followed by specifics of how the product will be affected by the changes.

You should use news sources, official government sources and “other” sources which are neither.

You should draw conclusions about each product and how you think that the changes in policy and opinion will affect the product. Predict how it and the market for your product may change.

An example will be posted by the end of class tomorrow.

This is due by the end of class Friday.

Last Chance to Get Full Credit for Photoshop

March 13, 2009

I will check with everyone today to see how many lessons you have completed.

If you have at least 2 of the six Illustrator chapters done, and all 11 Photoshop lessons, properly posted you will have a 100.

If you have 11 Photoshop lessons finished, you will get an 80.

If you have less than the 11 Photoshop lessons completed, but at least 8, you will receive a 70.

Remember: you must post the last image from the lesson, a two sentence description of what you learned and two TEKS in separate entries in your blog to receive ANY credit. If you do not have all three elements in your post, you will not receive credit.

You will have three days the week after break to finish the rest of the lessons in Illustrator. At the beginning of class Thursday I will check for any more completed, and properly posted lessons. After that time you can only receive a 70 for any lesson that is completed late.


11 Photoshop and 2 Illustrator properly posted: grade=100

11 lessons Photoshop properly posted:  grade=80

8 Photoshop lessons properly posted: grade=70

Less than 8 Photoshop lessons: grade=50

11 Photoshop lessons, 6 Illustrator lessons: grade=100 AND 100 on next weeks quiz.

Beginning Photoshop

January 29, 2009

We are going to be working in Photoshop this week. We will be working in Photoshop for about three weeks.

If you work through all of the lessons, you will have some well developed skills in Photoshop. In fact, the Fine Arts class “Photography 1” is using the same book and lessons. If you finish them all in here, and you take Photography next year, you will be way ahead of the class.

The lessons in Photoshop are very technical. The instructions are very TECHNICAL. If you don’t follow the instructions EXACTLY, eventually you won’t be able to continue with the rest of the lesson. If you have trouble, you should go back to the beginning of that section of the chapter and start over paying careful attention to the details of the instructions.

If you have questions, you can ask me for help, but, my first response will be to ask you if you went back to the beginning of that section, and if you read all of the information for that chapter. 99% of the time, it is something you overlooked in the instructions.

Here are the due dates for chapters of Photoshop:

Chapter 1        Monday Feb 2 – Beginning of Class (BoC)
Chapter 2        Wednesday Feb 4 – End of Class (EoC)
Chapter 3        Friday Feb 6 – EoC
Chapter 4        Tuesday Feb 10 – EoC
Chapter 5        Thursday Feb 11 – EoC
Chapter 6        Monday Feb 16 – EoC
Chapter 7       Wednesday Feb 18 – EoC
Chapter 8        Friday Feb 20 – BoC
Chapter 9        Tuesday Feb 24 – BoC
Chapter 10      Thursday Feb 26 – BoC
Chapter 11      Friday Feb 27 – EoC

On time work is determined by when you post your finished product with a summary of what your learned and two TEKS that apply to what you learned. If you have trouble with a lesson, you can work on it from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM any school day, during your lunch, or another time that does not conflict with another class. No after school time is available.

The instructions for the lessons are in pdf format in this folder: S:\shared\students\Bjerke\CAMM\CiAB\Photoshop.

The files (images) that you need for the lessons are in the same place, inside a folder named “Lessons.”

The first class which has everyone done with every lesson will get a pizza lunch for everyone.

TEKS – Finish

January 14, 2009

Finish interpreting the rest of the TEKS. The completed document is due by the end of class Friday.

You will have a pop quiz on Friday.

Tomorrow, using Firefox (your browser), use the file menu to open the file titled january_16th_quiz.htm.
This file is located in the folder S:\shared\students\Bjerke\CApps


January 12, 2009

The TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) are the lists of what the state school board thinks that we should be teaching. In the case of your core classes, you take the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills). For other subjects, nada.

You need to take the TEKS for this class (Computer Apps (zero and second period) or BCIS (4th and 6th period), and put them in a table.

The TEKS for Computer Apps are here.

The TEKS for BCIS are here.

You should notice that the information you need is only part of the page, so don’t accidentally copy the whole page – just the chapter that link takes you to.

Next, as shown in class, paste the information into Microsoft Excel, using Paste Special and Unformatted Text.

Copy this information (be sure that you select it and then Ctrl+C or in the Edit menu, Copy) then paste it into Microsoft Word using Paste Special and choosing “Formatted Text (RTF),”   NOT Unformatted Text.

Next go through the TEKS and write what you think that each line means. If you need to look a term or phrase up to understand it, you should. You will be using the TEKS for the rest of the year, so do a good job and be sure that you save it to your “H” drive.

It might also be a good idea at this time to put everything from last semester in a new folder on your H, and create a new one for this semester. You will be required to submit some of your work in a portfolio at the end of the year.

This assignment is due by the end of class, Wednesday, January 14th.

To complete this assignment, copy two TEKS and your explanation into an email and send it to me before the end of class. The subject should be “TEKS.” My email address is misterbjerke [at] gmail [dot] com.

Here is an example of how your email should look: