Finishing Your Final Project

Today will be a grading day.

I will be looking for:

  1. 3 drawings
  2. a poster
  3. press release
  4. animation

Have them all open or I will pass you by. There is not enough time to wait for everyone to open each document.

You will have until next Wednesday the 26th at the beginning of class to turn in your final project.

This is what you need to  get a 100 on your final project:

1. Everything must be in a three ring binder. Everything must be printed. Nothing handwritten will be accepted.

2. The binder must have a cover with a picture of your product, your names and period number (printed).

3. The pictures, poster and press release must be printed and punched and put in your binder. You cannot print these items on my printer, there are too many. You will need to find somewhere to print the pictures, the poster, the press release and your cover. You should print in color.

4. You need to put your animation on a CD. Put the CD in a case or envelope so you can fix it in your binder and it doesn’t get lost. I will  not supply blank CDs, so get one now. Don’t wait until the morning it’s due to try to find a CD. You can burn the CD on the computers in 153.

IF you show up on Tuesday the 25th or before with the cover, the poster, the press release, the pictures and the CD in an envelope, I will give you a binder to use. No binders will be given out on Wednesday the 26th when the project is due.

Summary: get everything printed out and put the animation on a CD, bring it on or before the 25th to get a binder, and you will get a 100!


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