Your Final Project

Your final project will be due the last week of school. I will take grades on parts of the project as we go.

First you have to have an idea for a product. Make it simple, like I’ve said before, like a bar of soap, or a broom or a special paper clip. The simpler you make it, the easier it will be to describe and create a picture of.

In fact, that’s your first step. Create a picture of the product. You have to create it in Illustrator, and you have to show the product without labeling, with labeling and in a box (that’s three separate pictures).

You must work with one partner. You may want to choose a partner who is familiar with Illustrator if you are not. If you were not in this class first semester and you have never worked with Illustrator or Photoshop, then pick a partner who can help you.

Due at the end of class Friday are your pictures of your product. Make a picture of the product, add a label or logo to it, then create a box to sell it in. Label the box and put all of the necessary information on the box. You will need a company name, address, instructions and a description on the box.

When you think that you’re done with your product and its box, show it to me. Show it to me before Monday’s class when I grade them so you can fix any problems and get a 100 on Monday.

If you get a 90 or better on this project, you will not have to take the long multiple choice section of the final exam.


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