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Your Final (All BCIS and Computer Apps Classes)

May 28, 2009

For your final, complete the prep worksheet (on my desk), TURN IT IN, and then:

Write a paragraph about one of these two topics:

What insight do you have into jobs and technology as a result of the “ten jobs” assignment?


Based on three assignments, what insight do you have into the work you completed?

Attach a Word document with the paragraph, in MLA format, to a business email and send it to me.

You’re done!

If you want to know your final grade, stop in before or after classes on Friday or next week anytime before the 6th period final.



May 27, 2009



Ten Old Jobs

May 26, 2009

Do a little surfing, maybe check out Wikipedia, and find ten jobs which no longer exist.

They cannot be automobile or horse related (too easy!).

Write a short description of each and why the job no longer exist.

Most jobs are eliminated by technology, so if you focus on jobs that were eliminated due to technology, you’ll do best when we use this assignment later.

Due end of class tomorrow, Wednesday 5/27.

Study for the True False Part of the Exam – Practice 2

May 22, 2009

The quizzes are posted in the CApps folder under Study Guides.

You can study them and be sure that you know the concepts.

Your final exam will be questions from all three quizzes.

Practice 1

May 21, 2009

Create a Word document and tell me step by step how to create and publish a new blog post on WordPress. This document should be MLA compliant, with a title and ID block on the first page just like we have practiced. If you’ve forgotten, look up MLA paper on Google.

Email this to me as an attachment by the end of class today.

Preparing for your Final Exam

May 18, 2009

Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Prepare for your final exam by exploring these topics on your own.

What is insight? How is it different from learning?

Understand “Data Is.”

Be able to explain step by step how to create and publish a new blog post.

There is a small, short, fun programming game which you will need to figure out and play.

You do not need to turn anything for this. This is just information so that you can prepare for your final.


May 18, 2009

Sexting is something that all of the news programs like 60 minutes and Good Morning America are hyping right now.

They may be correct that it is an important topic for your parents to at least know about, but is it the huge deal that they say it is?

For this assignment, read this article, then answer the questions below.

  1. What is sexting?
  2. Is it dangerous? Why?
  3. Find three other articles about sexting.
  4. Can you trust all of your friends with revealing pictures of yourself? Do your friends ever do something that violates your trust?
  5. Are there other dangers to sexting?

Answer these questions in your blog, and insert a picture from one of the articles. Due by the end of class this week.

Your assignment for Friday.

May 15, 2009


Find five of the most spectacular pictures you have seen on the web and post them in your blog with a description of what they are and why you like them.

This picture is from here.

And more from the same site: link.

NO PEOPLE. Pictures should not include people.

Ten Things

May 14, 2009

Read through the entire text of Data Is, and choose ten things that you did not know before you read it.

Explain the concept or word as you understand it.

Send you answer in the body of the email to me (not as an attachment). Remember to make it business appropriate (subject, signature).

The subject line of your email MUST be “Ten Things” or you will not receive any credit.

This is due by the end of class today.

Email Assignment

May 13, 2009

Sending a business email is a bit different than sending an email to your friends.

First, you need an email address that is appropriate for business (like when you apply for a job). is not business appropriate.

Second, your email MUST have a subject line. You should describe the contents or subject of the email in five words or less. You must always have a subject line.

Third, you must have a signature after the text of your email. This should be an auto-signature. Your signature must include your email address. See this page for how to add an auto-signature in Gmail (link). See this page for the how-to from Yahoo Mail (link). And for Hotmail the info is here (link).

The fourth challenge is attaching a document. For this assignment you need to attach a word document to your email.

So, due by the end of class today, and graded PASS OR FAIL, send an email to me with an appropriate subject line, from a business appropriate email address, with text in the body of the email and an automatic signature AND attach a Word document (any Word document is acceptable). This is a skill set that you will need for your final exam.