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Autumn Semester Exam

December 11, 2008


Your semester exam has two parts.

The first part is the test. The test is located on the “S” drive, in my folder, in the CApps folder, in a folder named Autumn Exam or “S:\shared\students\Bjerke\CApps\Autumn Exam.” When you finish the exam and click the “Grade and Submit” button, the results will be emailed to me automatically. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT IF YOUR FULL NAME IS NOT ON THE EXAM. Please also include the period after your name, in the same field.

The other half of your exam is a two paragraph reflection on what you have learned. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY:

Step 1: Usiing MLA fomat, write two paragraphs about insight that you have had during this semester. Do write about something that you learned that you discovered after learning the facts you have learned in class. Do not write about the facts you have learned in class like definitions, and how a computer works. Here is an example of two sentences:

FACTUAL: This semester I learned that a hard disk drive uses an Iron coating on an aluminum platter to record information with a magnet.

INSIGHTFUL: This semester I learned that Pirates have driven the development of technology, software and law by pushing the boundaries of what is considered legal and acceptable.

If you still have trouble figuring out what insight is, use Google to look up definitions for the word insight or insightful. Just type “define:insight” in the Google search box next to the address bar in your browser.

Step 2: Attach your document to an email and send it to me. My email address is misterbjerke [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to include a subject line or you will fail your exam.

Both parts are due by the end of your scheduled exam period, but can be submitted earlier. Zero hour has a special deadline – speak with me to find out your deadline. No late exams or retakes will be accepted. If you take the test portion more than once, I will select the lowest grade you submit.

This exam will be graded Pass/Fail.


Wednesday Review

December 10, 2008

Write 20 statements from your notes from yesterday’s discussion in your blog.

If you were absent you will have to use a classmate’s notes.

This is due by the end of class today.

Monday – Book Analysis Due

December 8, 2008

Present your three books to me today for full credit.

Tomorrow you can only receive a 70.

Friday Book Review

December 5, 2008

You should be almost done analyzing your books. Put together the information from Wednesday, the Front Matter, from Thursday, the recent facts, and some more work today looking at topics and reading about them on Wikipedia. Use the table on the back of your worksheet. Use your own notebook paper or your blog to create lists for all three of your books.

Monday you will need to show me the blog entries from Wednesday, Thursday and Today, and your conclusion on your three books. You will need to present the information with your partner. Your conclusions about whether to keep or get rid of the books must be presented to me.

This will be the last major grade for this six weeks, as next week will be review for the final exam from Tuesday through Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Three Recent Facts

December 4, 2008

In the books you are reviewing, choose the three most recent dates or facts in the book. Select these by finding in the table of contents or in the last two chapters, any dates with the associated fact. Here is an example:

In My Fictitious book, here is part of the table of contents:

Chapter 10 – 2000 Election

Chapter 11 – 2004 Election

Chapter 12 – 2008 Election

So the three most recent facts will be in chapter 12, where it lists that John McCain was chosen as the Republican nominee for president. It says that the Democratic nominee was Barack Obama. And it says that the winner of the election was Barack Obama.

Your blog entry should look like this, listing facts from all three of your books. This is due today, and must be published before the end of class today, Thursday.

Your Books

December 3, 2008

Today’s assignment is to list the front matter information for your three books after getting them approved by me. You must get your three books approved to pass this assignment.

!!!Ackkkkk!!! Grade Check

December 1, 2008

Open your email and open your sent items to show me the two thanks emails that you sent last week.

Open my blog.

Open your blog to the quiz from last week.

If you have these two assignments done, you will NOT get a progress report.

If you do not have them done, you WILL get a progress report.

Have all three pages open by 10 minutes into class. If you are not prepared, you may not get checked today, and you will get a progress report.